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Welcome to Javva Junkkie's Fluff & Stuff! My name is Sarah, and the only thing that I love more than fiber arts is coffee! Okay, maybe my family, too.... I am an avid spinner and knitter, and love everything involved with the process of going from animal to finished project. Whether you are just getting started, needing fiber, tips, stitch markers, a spindle, I've got you covered!

On this site you can learn about the qualities of fiber that make it so wonderful, the animals we get our fiber from, and how to make amazing finished products. Check out the Critter Corner to meet our team of fiber producers, spinners, and helpers. On the About Us page you can find out more about who we are and what we're all about. Feel free to send me requests, questions, or comments from the Contact Us Section, and of course, make sure to stop by the Shop!

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