Here we will explore the qualities of fiber, and what makes each unique to the animal it comes from. 

This is our current team! Each of the animals on our farm, both two-legged and four, is a well loved member of our team and an integral part of what we do here. Even the rabbits’ poo goes to use in our garden! Without every piece of our little puzzle, none of this craziness would work! When we have new litters they will be added here with a note as to whether they are up available for, staying on as a permanent member of the team, and will also be added to the BunShow Gallery. We are very selective in how often and when we breed, so availability will go quickly. Feel free to contact us to let us know if you have any questions or are interested in one of our amazing Angoras (all are from quality show lines). 

Hawaii - English Angora


Hawaii is one of our bucks. He like sharing a nibble of greens and licks at the water bottle with his girlfriends! He is a Tortoiseshell English Angora with an amazing coat, wonderful color and is full of personality. 


This is Banshee when she first came to live with us. She is an amazingly sweet bun who loves to snuggle! When she was little she would scream at us anytime we tried to handle her, no matter how gentle we were, hence her name. She is now fully grown up and used to be handled, so we don’t get the noises anymore. 

Captain Jack



MooseBurt Reynolds