The rabbit fiber we produce is from Angora Rabbits. There are 4 breeds of angora recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA). These are English, French, Giant and Satin. The fifth type of Angora is the German. We raise English and Satin here at Tough Fluff Rabbitry. All of our Angora fiber is from our own animals. Their fiber is removed with no harm or stress to the rabbit. Their coats have to be sheared in order to remove the wool, just like shearing a sheep or alpaca. There are few rabbits that shed their coat due to a recessive gene which makes them a “pluckable” rabbit. The process of plucking is just pulling loose wool that has already been shed from the rabbit’s coat. Our angoras produce a full coat roughly every 90 days. We shear them not only for their fiber, but for their own health. If the wool is not shorn the rabbits become matted and tangled. In addition, particularly in the summer months, they can easily become overheated. Temperatures over 80 degrees can even kill them!

In comparison to Sheep’s wool, Angora is incredibly soft and warmer! Even the fines Sheep’s wool doesn’t hold a candle to the wool of the Angora Rabbit! It has a hollow hair structure, so like Alpaca, it is lighter weight and warmer than Sheep’s wool as well. One of the other features of Angora in comparison to wool is the “halo” that extends out in a soft aura around the yarn.

Our current resident list consists of 6 English Angora and 1 Satin Angora. All of the listings in our shop include a picture of the Rabbit that it came from as well as what type of Angora it came from.