Ashford Kiwi 1 Mega Bundle


This Kiwi by Ashford is custom painted by me and was my favorite wheel for the longest time! I have graduated to a different, more advanced wheel to accommodate my back issues, so this one is going up for sale. In this package you will find EVERYTHING you need to get started on your spinning journey, and more! This amazing wheel is in perfect working condition and you will never see another like her!


Ashford Kiwi 1 with:

Standard flyer assembly with 5 bobbins, drive band, and 2 Lazy Kates for Standard bobbins

High Speed Whorl (for shorter staple fibers and slick fibers)

Jumbo Flyer assembly with 3 bobbins, drive band and Lazy Kate for Jumbo Bobbins

Home made electric base for Jumbo flyer made with an old sewing machine motor – foot pedal control. Comes with 2 poly drive bands for Z and S twist. Instructions included for set up and use.

Starter fiber – more advanced fiber upon request for 20% off regular price on same order

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